Новини от Страната на Баските

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Новини от Страната на Баските

Писане  remsist on Нед Ное 29, 2009 11:35 pm

Solidarity with the Basque liberation struggle


The reactionary Spanish state attempts with a new wave of state terror against the Basque youth movement to weaken the legitimate struggle for the right of the Basque nation of self-determination. In the early morning of November 24, at least 35 young people have been detained in raids in 92 houses, youth centres and offices in many different places of the Basque country and a lot of material has been confiscated. The Basque young people are accused of militancy in the banned Basque youth organisation SEGI.
The Spanish state is still notorious for torture under detention, however despite all the repression and all the terror the youth of the legitimate Basque liberation movement will fight back this new attack with its resistance.
We are calling upon all progressive, revolutionary and communist parties and organisations to show solidarity with the Basque youth and their liberation struggle and to protest against this new act of Spanish state terror.

Long live the solidarity of the oppressed peoples from Kurdistan to Euskal Herria!
For a free and socialist Euskal Herria!

Turkey/Northern Kurdistan
International Bureau

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